Today’s global communications landscape is challenging and complex. There are no easy wins anymore.

Communications opportunities and challenges no longer fit neatly into traditional categories. These special situations require a team approach across many diverse disciplines, including media, law, finance, and regulatory affairs. Speed and accuracy are more important than ever, and successful organizations must communicate swiftly and decisively.

Our priority is to help our clients win.

We don’t try to do everything, and we don’t try to be all things to all people. We focus only on areas where we can provide best in class service.

We provide the following solutions for our clients:

International Strategy Our team helps international companies and organizations succeed in key growth markets around the world. We have a special focus on helping international companies succeed in China and helping Chinese companies go global. We help serve as a bridge between China and the world.

Financial and Corporate Communications Our team has deep experience across the full financial communications spectrum. We help companies of all sizes with strategy and execution in several key areas, including matters of corporate reputation; investments; complex international transactions; mergers and acquisitions; IPO support; executive leadership and board transitions; and investor relations.

Crisis Communications Management, Support, and Preparation The only thing companies can count on for sure today is that the next crisis will come from an unpredictable place, and at an unpredictable hour. Lasting reputational damage can be done to brands that don’t plan for and execute effective crisis communications. We help companies get ahead of a potential crisis by working with them proactively to ensure that their crisis management protocols are in place and ready to go. And when a crisis situation does hit, we are there to provide 24-hour communications support to help our clients, including providing on-site support if necessary.

Litigation Communications Litigation risks and consequences have never been greater. Our team is deeply experienced at working closely with corporate legal teams (both internal and external) and helping our clients protect themselves in today’s litigious environment.

Information Security and Data Breaches Organizations across all sectors are vulnerable to the reputational risks presented by data breaches. Malicious attempts to access sensitive data and personal information are increasingly sophisticated, and successful companies must be able to communicate effectively and in real time with customers and other stakeholders. We have deep experience helping organizations proactively manage communications relating to data breaches, privacy issues, and information security. We work with clients to ensure that they have a communications strategy in place before issues arise, and when an incident does occur, we are there to help clients manage their public response and preserve the trust of their customers.

Thought Leadership and Influencer Relations Design and Support Today’s diverse, fragmented, and instantaneous media ecosystem requires companies to prioritize their efforts to swiftly and efficiently reach the voices that matter most. We help our clients design and execute winning campaigns to reach and influence those that control the conversation.

Matters of Personal and Professional Reputation for Select Individuals and Families Today more than ever, high profile individuals and families must take steps to protect their names and reputations. We work privately and discreetly with the most select individuals and families to help them safeguard and maximize their personal brands and legacies.

General Communications Support We provide our clients with basic areas of communications support, including professional media training, speechwriting, presentation support, and other communications needs that may arise.

Regulatory Affairs Support Our team has deep experience in navigating today’s complex regulatory environment, and we provide our clients support in key regulatory capitals around the world.